Changing the price on the day of the move while your customer is furious and doesn’t want the added expense; sending too many or too few movers; sending extra help mid-day; lacking packing materials on site and having to send a helper back to the storage, but you have none available… Sucks, right? But we’ve all been there.
  • All of these situations have a common cause - the inventory list wasn’t accurate.
  • Virtual survey is the solution, and it doesn’t have to be inefficient, costly, and time-consuming.
  • Doing virtual surveys is essential for every successful and seamless move. If getting a detailed inventory from your customers complicates your life, you’re in the right place.

    How it works

    Easy and straightforward process

    We work with moving companies and provide detailed and affordable virtual surveys on demand.

    Let us know the weekly/monthly estimated number of virtual surveys you need
    We schedule video calls at your customers’ convenience, regardless of the time zone
    We guide the customers through the process and collect all the information your sales teams need to put together a precise offer
    We create a detailed inventory list and calculate the square footage with a 10% guaranteed margin of error.
    You contact the customer, provide an accurate price, and ensure your crews have everything they need to prepare for a successful move execution
    We’re a small team of professionals with decades of experience in the moving industry. We were all movers, foremen, dispatchers, salespeople, and customer service reps at some point, learning the moving process from top to bottom.
    We understand all the pain points and offer a well-polished service of virtual inventories for moving companies. Our agents will guide the customers through the process with care and patience, and the result will be a detailed inventory list and square footage within only a 10% margin of error.
    Eliminating item list changes on the day of the move removes all unpleasant surprises and potential problems with your customers, leading to a smooth moving experience. Unburden your sales and support teams and increase coverage, while saving costs.
    We’re here to give you the tools to make your sales process streamlined, your operations more precise, and your clients’ moving experiences smoother; adding speed and precision to your pipeline without compromising quality of service.
    Need to manage your fleet, your crews, your warehouse space and your packing material expenses on a tightly allocated budget? This starts with a precise weight/volume estimate of each shipment, which is where we’d love to help!
    It’s time for the constant loop of training and hiring estimators for the moving season to end. With our highly trained estimators, and a pay-as-you-go model, your survey expenses will always be cost efficient, and proportionate to your workload. Contact us anytime and get the best deal for your business!


    • Luke Harper
      Sales Manager at Cross Country Movers

      “Back when we formed our sales team in 2016, each of our guys used to be a jack of all trades. They were all able to jump off a call with a client, go meet them in person, do an onsite estimate, and return to catch the next one. However, as we continued to grow and phones started ringing around the clock, I started to really get the '... master of none' part of that saying. We needed to regroup and allocate the resources, and Farsite stepped in when we needed them the most. We eliminated the waste of time and got all the info we needed in one file, smooth and seamless.  Probably the best part is that we got a free trial period that gave us just about enough time for us to become certain that we want to move forward in this direction. And ever since, we've been spending about three times less on surveys than before.”

    • Robert Simmons

      “It's rare you run into a company you can successfully outsource a part of your process to. It usually sounds good on paper, but it's never quite like doing it inhouse. We actually had other vendors work for us in the past, but the quality was not there. For us, it wasn't just about cutting costs and increasing efficiency, we had to make sure our customers are going to get the best possible assistance during these video calls. I'm glad to say, that's exactly what happened. We started with a few test runs to make sure everything was being covered properly, and quickly, Farsite completely took over our process. I would recommend these guys to any mover that wants to cut costs, and not sacrifice on quality. They were very accomodating to our requests, never had any hidden fees or shady practices. Dan and the team are golden!“

    • Chris L.
      Trico Movers

      ”An easy way of describing how Farsite assisted us during the industry plummet of '22 is by saying that our business influx didn't suffer one bit, which I'm honestly amazed by to this day. Other than the number of jobs we managed to close and consistently dish out, it's a great relief knowing that our operations and sales team didn't have to move a muscle during our partnership. Having a reliable outside team doing the majority of legwork is, needless to say, a great asset to any company.”

    Read how our virtual surveys
    helped Cross Country Movers

    "Using Farsite was a turning point
    in our business"

    Knowing how to do an accurate virtual estimate isn’t a job for sales.
    They’re there to sell.

    It’s also not your job - your job is expanding your business while others focus on streamlining and improving your operations processes.

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