Virtual surveys
done by a
human eye,
not AI

We’re here to make moving easier for everyone. Use our virtual survey services and save money, energy, and time.

Accurate surveys
are essential

Every trustworthy moving company makes a detailed inventory list beforehand, and there are no seamless moves and happy customers without it. In fact, as of 2023, this is every moving company’s legal obligation.

Your crews need an exact list of items moved to account for packing materials properly, send the right number of movers, and a big enough truck.

There are four ways to do a survey:

Cost efficiency
Cost efficiency
Cost efficiency
Cost efficiency

Virtual surveys are a solution to almost
every pain point in the moving industry.

Customer service
Temporary labor
Large moves
Shipment accuracy


Your surveyors don’t have to travel for hours and spend money on gas to get to the customer’s location.


Weather conditions can slow down the process of moving, but if you do home inventory via video call, you have no weather forecast to worry about.

Customer service

An accurate inventory list prevents customer experience issues, which inevitably lead to a loss of profit or a bad review.

Temporary labor

Hiring someone external at the last minute who’s possibly unreliable. Dodge that bullet by having an ongoing relationship with a trustworthy partner.

Large moves

With a long list of items in the inventory, it’s easier to make a mistake. If you have a professional doing a virtual survey, you’ll have a successful move.


In-home estimates are costly and no more precise than virtual surveys. Plus, they're a hassle for your customers and your sales team.

Shipment accuracy

With a precise inventory list, your crew can plan what will be in the truck and what’s being delivered so that nothing gets lost and causes a problem for your customer.


Your customer must know how much the move will cost. That is if you wish to avoid a price increase on the day of the move and a problem with the client.

A weight/volume increase (even if it’s just 20%) on the day of the move is everyone’s worst nightmare. You lose profit completely or you get a negative review. Or both.

Knowing how to do an accurate virtual estimate isn’t a job for sales.
They’re there to sell.

It’s also not your job - your job is expanding your business while others focus on streamlining and improving your operations processes.

Break the cycle

Moving is a seasonal industry, which implies hiring and training new employees each summer and facing a surplus of staff after the season - it’s an endless loop.
If your closers don’t have to spend time doing surveys (especially during the season), you won’t need to hire as many additional salespeople to keep up with demand, only to let them go once business slows down.

How it works

Easy and straightforward process

We work with moving companies and provide detailed and affordable virtual surveys on demand.

Let us know the weekly/monthly estimated number of virtual surveys you need
We schedule video calls at your customers’ convenience, regardless of the time zone
We guide the customers through the process and collect all the information your sales teams need to put together a precise offer
We create a detailed inventory list and calculate the square footage with a 10% guaranteed margin of error.
You contact the customer, provide an accurate price, and ensure your crews have everything they need to prepare for a successful move execution

Why Farsite
IS a perfect choice

Ever had to send another crew out because the volume surpasses the original estimate,
but it's the end of July, and you have no available movers?

If yes, we’d like to offer you:

We’re a highly trained and experienced team of virtual surveyors with 10+ years experience. We are a team of movers, foremen, dispatchers, and moving business managers, so we’ve felt your pain points.
We emphasize the importance of the human eye instead of AI. We focus on the quality of service and the value of human connection. An AI can’t empathize with your customers, after all.
Cost efficiency
Outsourcing virtual surveys is the ideal solution if you plan to cut costs by downscaling after the moving season. Our prices make us stand out since other companies that offer a similar service are more expensive.
Scheduling and finishing a virtual survey is much more time-efficient, all while eliminating the potential logistic issues from the equation.
A professional team dedicated only to doing virtual surveys knows how to hold your customer’s hand and lead them through the process. This is especially important when it’s your client’s first time moving to another state.
Time efficiency
Training employees to become surveying experts takes time and practice and almost guarantees mistakes along the way. It can also jeopardize your reputation until the agent is fully trained.
There’s a free trial which gives you time to decide. After that, we charge on a monthly basis, for the amount of surveys completed, so you can enjoy the benefits of our services with no obligation.

Skip the hassle - get a whole team
of experienced professionals
on your team today.

Benefits of using
our virtual surveys

  • Accuracy within a 10% margin of error
  • Minimal volume/weight changes on the move date
  • Instant return on investment
  • No learning curve, you get pros on your team immediately
  • 24-hour turn-around-time


  • Luke Harper
    Sales Manager at Cross Country Movers

    “Back when we formed our sales team in 2016, each of our guys used to be a jack of all trades. They were all able to jump off a call with a client, go meet them in person, do an onsite estimate, and return to catch the next one. However, as we continued to grow and phones started ringing around the clock, I started to really get the '... master of none' part of that saying. We needed to regroup and allocate the resources, and Farsite stepped in when we needed them the most. We eliminated the waste of time and got all the info we needed in one file, smooth and seamless.  Probably the best part is that we got a free trial period that gave us just about enough time for us to become certain that we want to move forward in this direction. And ever since, we've been spending about three times less on surveys than before.”

  • Robert Simmons

    “It's rare you run into a company you can successfully outsource a part of your process to. It usually sounds good on paper, but it's never quite like doing it inhouse. We actually had other vendors work for us in the past, but the quality was not there. For us, it wasn't just about cutting costs and increasing efficiency, we had to make sure our customers are going to get the best possible assistance during these video calls. I'm glad to say, that's exactly what happened. We started with a few test runs to make sure everything was being covered properly, and quickly, Farsite completely took over our process. I would recommend these guys to any mover that wants to cut costs, and not sacrifice on quality. They were very accomodating to our requests, never had any hidden fees or shady practices. Dan and the team are golden!“

  • Chris L.
    Trico Movers

    ”An easy way of describing how Farsite assisted us during the industry plummet of '22 is by saying that our business influx didn't suffer one bit, which I'm honestly amazed by to this day. Other than the number of jobs we managed to close and consistently dish out, it's a great relief knowing that our operations and sales team didn't have to move a muscle during our partnership. Having a reliable outside team doing the majority of legwork is, needless to say, a great asset to any company.”

Read how our virtual surveys
helped Cross Country Movers

"Using Farsite was a turning point
in our business"


How much money can I save?
Using our virtual surveys allows you to save money in several ways - we offer a flat price for each finished survey and a discount if you opt for a package of over 100 surveys. Considering there are no logistics for doing virtual surveys, you’d also save on fuel and tolls if your previous option were to drive to the customer’s location.
What’s the benefit of using Farsite’s service?
We’re here to help moving companies overcome the issue of spending too much time, energy, and money on doing surveys. With our professional virtual surveys, your sales agents can focus on their job while we provide them with an inventory list with only a 10% margin of error.
Why are virtual estimates better than in-house ones?
Virtual estimates allow a moving company to be more flexible, have greater coverage, finish more jobs, and save money. In-house estimates demand a professional surveyor who will travel to the location at the customer’s convenience and back to the office to create an inventory list. It takes a lot of logistics, and it’s much slower than virtual surveys.
How long does it take to complete a survey?
Once we get in touch with the customer, it takes our agent 30 minutes to do a survey via video call. After the call, we need two hours to finalize the inventory list and send it to the moving company. The result is a full inventory list that you can give to your sales agents to calculate the price and estimate correctly how many movers to send and how much space to leave in the truck.
How much time will I save by using this service?
If you decide to start using virtual surveys, you’ll have much more time available, considering that you won’t have to recruit and train a person to become a professional surveyor each season. You’ll also save time for the trip to the customer’s house. Instead, you can get our virtual surveys and get 24/7 coverage.
What do I need to start?
One of the best things about Farsite is that, basically, you don’t need anything. There are no binding agreements limited to a certain amount of time and no commitments. We also offer you a free trial so that you can be sure that you like the service we provide. After that, you get charged per the service once it’s completed.
How does scheduling work?
When you decide to use Farsite virtual services, there are two options for scheduling - we can send you a shared scheduling tool, or we can contact the customer and book a call at their convenience.
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