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    Why Farsite
    IS a perfect choice

    Ever had to send another crew out because the volume surpasses the original estimate,
    but it's the end of July, and you have no available movers?

    If yes, we’d like to offer you:

    We’re a highly trained and experienced team of virtual surveyors with 10+ years experience. We are a team of movers, foremen, dispatchers, and moving business managers, so we’ve felt your pain points.
    We emphasize the importance of the human eye instead of AI. We focus on the quality of service and the value of human connection. An AI can’t empathize with your customers, after all.
    Cost efficiency
    Outsourcing virtual surveys is the ideal solution if you plan to cut costs by downscaling after the moving season. Our prices make us stand out since other companies that offer a similar service are more expensive.
    Scheduling and finishing a virtual survey is much more time-efficient, all while eliminating the potential logistic issues from the equation.
    A professional team dedicated only to doing virtual surveys knows how to hold your customer’s hand and lead them through the process. This is especially important when it’s your client’s first time moving to another state.
    Time efficiency
    Training employees to become surveying experts takes time and practice and almost guarantees mistakes along the way. It can also jeopardize your reputation until the agent is fully trained.
    There’s a free trial which gives you time to decide. After that, we charge on a monthly basis, for the amount of surveys completed, so you can enjoy the benefits of our services with no obligation.


    per survey

    The price remains the same, regardless of the size or date of the move.
    You’ll have a flat rate for a detailed virtual survey that’s within a 10% margin of error.
    Get the best and cheapest professional survey on the market.


    Cost efficiency
    Cost efficiency
    Cost efficiency
    Cost efficiency


    • Luke Harper
      Sales Manager at Cross Country Movers

      “Back when we formed our sales team in 2016, each of our guys used to be a jack of all trades. They were all able to jump off a call with a client, go meet them in person, do an onsite estimate, and return to catch the next one. However, as we continued to grow and phones started ringing around the clock, I started to really get the '... master of none' part of that saying. We needed to regroup and allocate the resources, and Farsite stepped in when we needed them the most. We eliminated the waste of time and got all the info we needed in one file, smooth and seamless.  Probably the best part is that we got a free trial period that gave us just about enough time for us to become certain that we want to move forward in this direction. And ever since, we've been spending about three times less on surveys than before.”

    • Robert Simmons

      “Our bussiness grew to a point where it was increasingly difficult to monitor every single aspect of it. We quickly realized that we are going to need to form a whole new team to take care of our needs. Hiring, training and onboarding would be a lenghty and costly process. Luckily, once we specified what our needs were, Morph Networks was able to address them. We gave them a shot and started with only several agents, and XY years later we ended up entrusting them with core aspects of our bussiness. Their output is what made us stick with them for all these years, and when i look back, it was perfect decision from every standpoint ; whether financial, operational or quality wise.”

    • Chris L.
      Trico Movers

      ”An easy way of describing how Farsite assisted us during the industry plummet of '22 is by saying that our business influx didn't suffer one bit, which I'm honestly amazed by to this day. Other than the number of jobs we managed to close and consistently dish out, it's a great relief knowing that our operations and sales team didn't have to move a muscle during our partnership. Having a reliable outside team doing the majority of legwork is, needless to say, a great asset to any company.”

    Read how our virtual surveys
    helped Cross Country Movers

    "Using Farsite was a turning point
    in our business"

    Knowing how to do an accurate virtual estimate isn’t a job for sales.
    They’re there to sell.

    It’s also not your job - your job is expanding your business while others focus on streamlining and improving your operations processes.

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