Cross Country Movers case study:

Cross Country
Movers case

Greater coverage, more revenue,
and less stress

How Cross Country Movers used Farsite’s services to reduce stress and expenses
during the moving season.


Cross Country Movers is a top-rated company that provides moving, packing, car shipping services, and storage for state-to-state moves. It was founded in 2014, and since then, it has skyrocketed into one of the most reputable companies in the industry.

Even with professional agents, it’s impossible to cover each part of the moving process with only a sales team and a crew of movers. A sales agent has too many responsibilities, and going on-site for a survey was one too many.

During the moving season, there’s a lot of stress if one person does all the work. Getting an inventory list takes time, and if it’s not accurate, it causes a lot of problems, from changing the price on the day of the move to wasting resources. And nobody has time to travel to a customer’s home to create an inventory list just to ensure it’s accurate.

To get greater coverage, lower the stress level, and provide every customer with an exact price, Cross Country Movers decided to partner up with Farsite. The virtual surveys they provide shorten and organize the whole process, giving salespeople more time to do their jobs.
“Back when we formed our sales team in 2016, each of our guys used to be a jack of all trades. They were all able to jump off a call with a client, go meet them in person, do an onsite estimate, and return to catch the next one. However, as we continued to grow and phones started ringing around the clock, I started to really get the '... master of none' part of that saying. We needed to regroup and allocate the resources, and Farsite stepped in when we needed them the most. We eliminated the waste of time and got all the info we needed in one file, smooth and seamless.  Probably the best part is that we got a free trial period that gave us just about enough time for us to become certain that we want to move forward in this direction. And ever since, we've been spending about three times less on surveys than before.”
Luke Harper
Sales Manager at Cross Country Movers


Data showed that Cross Country Movers have an average of 130 moves per month off-season and 160 moves during the moving season. This company needed a faster and cheaper way to do surveys so that they could reach their full capacity since this company calculates the price based on the list of items moved. It had shown that the biggest pain point was that the sales agents were overloaded, especially during the summer months.

Getting started with Farsite

Once sales agents began receiving inventory lists in one file from Farsite and started doing only sales work, the team was able to book more jobs and make a higher profit. CCM also saved money on packing materials as well as on gas and tolls that they used to spend when going on-site for a survey.

Accurate inventory lists allowed CCM customers to know the exact price of their move. This meant a large decrease in price changes and a high client satisfaction rate.

Final results


more moves per month


fewer customer claims for price changing


more revenue


Each moving company that wants to provide their customers with quality service must have a detailed and accurate inventory list. Virtual surveys are by far the most efficient and cost-effective way to acquire that. The partnership between CCM and Farsite proved highly efficient for both sides and allowed this moving company to acquire a bigger coverage and a higher profit margin.
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